Dictatorship or….. stupidity

Dictatorship never ends as long stupidity exist Lots of people think stupidity always link to dictatorship, and only miserable matters and events happened to our society’s because of this “dictators” not forget to mention poverty and sickness ..???? Ok forget what i just said, ignorance, morality, action, refuse, resisting…..is not related to the dictators….it’s a personal ,matter….easy as that I refused to watch your TV, Refuse to Read your books, refuse to listen to your radio shows, refused to work according to your system, it’s hard to be part of individual resistance, which is only counted you, but the idea will speak it out, and many people will join you every day, they might not be clear about it, they just waiting the right time to join your Thoughts resistance against the dictator system, dictatorship can exist in simple stuff in our life, going to the market, all the products you have seen their belong for one huge corporation, which is hold by few people, and the top there only one man who have the decision making over there…!!! what you call that democracy, I don’t think so… We have seeing this people who call them self leaders taking our countries away from us, and we..?? might not us but our fathers and mothers, they didn’t make an action, might they were not serious about, might…nothing…is just our mistake, they take what was ours, they take by our own well, we were watching the whole time, but they were smart enough, we didn’t notice it tell now, buts is not late yet, as long we still exist, as long we still here and share the same point of view, nothing is impassable, nothing can’t stop the people power, but we have the make main step first, step to break there chain that’s exist since the middle ages ,maybe, am not talking really about conspiracy theory or New World Order not talking about Israel or US or any of the secret societies, am talking about the dictator that laying inside us, the huge bloody dictator, who include personal believes and ideology, racism and political view, with his big bloody sword, which is religion, who was protecting every leader in the world since the first civilization born, might me ,myself suffering from this monster himself inside me but as lest I notice him eating from my flesh and brain, and controlling each action i make…now it’s take me little something make me understand, its take us a smile and turn around, and rebel against myself, stormy anarchy against all my believes and ideas, just start creating I new me, a new rebel, who rebel against himself first, and after I realise how drugged I was, how much fooled i was, its was a heavy hummer over my head, no more mr. Nice follower, no more fooled believer, am not sheep any more, it’s don’t need any creativity Just move away from the dark spot and come to the light…..away from their drug, away from their stupidity and followership, and ownership

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