God . dictator . and the odd relationship

There was always a strange  relationship between the last two, which is gods and his people and any leader in the world, no matter what he believe or what his people believe, their always he must have this “gift from god” which is leadership, they say he born with it !!!!..as far as i know no one born with it, it’s a knowledge is not something you can buy it from store next door,  he must learn it and practice it,

Still you wondering what god related to all that !!
since the first days for the first civilization, there always was a famous quote which is am not really sure about, i think something  like .. “king power is from god power”, where all the people follow any leader who believe in this superpower fairy tells, don’t know really what to call it or name it, might be theistism, religion or whatever he must be a theist ???
when the must democratic countries in the world ask to the people who elect themselves for presidency under one condition ? i think maybe Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln I cant recall more names, might be this close friendship between both “god and dictator” its related to their job condition, both they are the highest power ever, both we cant ask them why, both you have to obey them, both

Why each country constitution must have a subject related to god not related human behave and humanity, not related to voluntary , might be the mistake start from us, for accepting being such ignorance society, who forget how to act and react against any fail in their society, some people going to tell me “we need a revolution”!

What we need here a revolution against our self, against what we learn in the school and university,both gain there power from the people,both do harm to the people, both give a speeches about good citizen, books and magazine and what TV used to tell us about our life dream,both are dictators  what we need is …..you tell me about it 

you might asking why am posting this pointless post, but what i really want to make you notice this relation between them, dictators system god system,  religious  organisations, politcal party’s,…etc

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